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Styling is very much decorating….except my starting point is what you HAVE, and not necessarily what you NEED.

I love to piece together what people already have in their home. I use these items, adding other elements to them, to make the room current and eye-catching.

Don’t know where to start? I can help steer you in the right direction! From helping you pick a focus for your room, picking a new paint colour palette, furniture selection and placement, or simply updating specific items like a counter, backsplash or window covering.

My clients already have their own style…I help them by bringing this style out in their home.


While “Styling” is improving your living space so that it is more for “you”, “Staging” is improving your living space so that it is more for “anyone else”!

I help my clients stage their homes so that they do in fact appeal to the masses when they are on the market. In today’s competitive real estate space, your home needs to sell itself on the Internet. If your prospective buyer does not like what they see in a collection of photographs, you will not get them through the front door to see the rest.

My Staging services range from a straight forward consultation that results in a list of easy-to-implement recommendations that is turned over to my client. They proceed to turn their home into one that is more attractive on the market on their own.

I can also provide services around managing the transformation, right down to the finishing touches.

Style Art

Finding art for your home, that doesn’t break the bank, can be a paralyzing challenge. You know you need something, you just can’t find it.

Here is where I can help. Instead of shopping, let me create an inexpensive piece of custom art that suits that particular spot in your home. Whether it is your living room, kids’ room, or basement, I can paint something for you that is unique and individual to your own space – created with that space in mind.

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Style Art

style art

If you're searching for the perfect piece of art for your space, but you simply can't find it, I can create an inexpensive piece of custom art to perfectly suit the space. Contact me for more details.

examples of Style Art »


I am passionate about style.

In my world, style is what makes life more than ordinary. Style brings light to shadow, turns dull into bright, makes the mundane exciting. But when it comes down to it, perhaps it is best summed up like this: Style is a mirror – a reflection of your personal tastes, interests, wants & needs….and I help my customers bring their style to life.

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